7-11 LET’S GOOO!

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In any competition, the goal is to be the winner. But in this competition, designed by our business and design strategy manager Patrick, the goal is to be the runner-up.

The game kept reminding me of some Jay Chou songs. In one, the protagonist of the music video gave up his chance to win a championship. The fact is, as long as you try your best, you can be happy as a runner-up too.

Here are the game rules: Three contestants. Five seconds. Grab as many snacks as you can. The total value of your snacks determines your place: 1st place to the highest, and third place to the lowest. However, the person that lands in second place can split the winnings of the first place.

To win you must rely on keen observation. Pay attention to how much the opponent takes, and measure their next deployment. They can neither take too much nor can they take too little. A seemingly simple game, but it contains a lot of strategies. Which route to take through the store? What items to take? How many? Only five seconds… just watching the game from the side is exciting.

Let’s take a look at the spoils of each contestant.
In first place we had Amy, full of smiles, but don’t forget the cruel format. Half of her hard work belongs to the runner-up Rod.

Rod, in second place, can divide the first place and half of the third place. He can hardly contain himself.

Finally, I would like to thank Patrick very much for organizing such an exciting and interesting competition for us. The spectators were as engaged as the participants.

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