Creator News: Snapchat Making A Comeback

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According to Financial Times, Snapchat is now back in demand, garnering more than a 100million more users than Twitter. The user base has also grown faster than Facebook’s.


There are a few reasons for this:

  • It has improved digital marketing and advertising.
  • It has stabilised its finances.
  • Its focus on smaller communities and direct messages is helping it to grow its base to the point it is growing faster than Facebook’s.
  • “Snapchat has more Gen Z users in their teens and early 20s than TikTok, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.”


With all the concerns with privacy issues, it is little wonder people are not as public about their private lives as before, as shown by the growth of Telegram and WhatsApp. 


Perhaps it is high time to relook at this Social Media platform again.


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