Five Tips To Increase Social Media Engagement

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In today’s world, arriving late at the social media marketing scene means you’re already losing out, big time. With more than 3 billion social media users globally, gaining the attention of just 10% of them will guarantee a boost to your engagement strategy.


With so many new businesses popping up every day, being proactive in creating meaningful content is key to continuously grasping your audience’s attention. 


So here’s 5 golden tips on how to better engage with them via social media, stat. 


1. Post consistently. 

Posting relevant content consistently is a great way to establish an engaging social media presence. Automate your posts but also use analytics to determine what contents interest your audience most.


2. Be an inspiration to your audience.

Use interesting graphics or make them think deeper with a short video, exploring topics that interest them to make them stop, read and take action.


3. Share strategic and exclusive content.

Analytics is a great tool to determine which posts attracted your audience the most in the past. You can curate exclusive content and insights from there.


4. Excitement through bite-size introductions.

If your goal is to introduce the latest blog post, vlog or to direct your audience to your website, simply create bite-size Introductions to hook them. Come up with exciting snippets on what’s in store.


5. Encourage conversations. 

One way to start building engagement is to comment genuinely on your audience’s posts, resharing them on your own channels and tagging them too. 

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