Frequency of uploading content on Youtube

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You started your first Youtube Channel- What’s next?


It’s always exciting to start something new, what more if that new project of yours starts to generate passive income as you sit back and relax!


Since Youtube’s inception, we have seen many Youtubers achieve fame, connection and financial freedom solely through content creation. If you aspire to be like them, you’d need to know your target audience and the frequency of video postings to start with.


As a general rule, you should post valuable content 1-2 times a week to gain traction. Here’s 5 other ways you can efficiently upload your videos to build a good base!


  1. Be consistent in your posting schedule.
  2. Tell your Social Media followers your posting schedule.
  3. Posting takes time and effort- remember to schedule in time for editing as well as caption writing too.
  4. Film the videos in advance.
  5. Set achievable goals.


And that’s it! To read in detail, click here.