How to Grow Your Audience with Instagram

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While we are content creators first, knowing how we can spread and share our content is of utmost importance.


Social Media Examiner shares a story about Head of Instagram’s Adam Mosseri that says relying on Hashtags alone will not increase reach but is important to add context to your instagram content. It also help your content to appear in relevant searches.


Here are the 12 tatics to get more organic exposure

  • Post at the best time for your audience
  • Share feed posts to Stories
  • Tell stories that are relatable
  • Use more reels
  • Use the carousel posts to increase chance of exposure
  • Experiment with different content types
  • Tag shoppable products
  • Reshare user generated content
  • Maximise Instagram’s collaboration tools
  • Host a contest or giveaway
  • Partner with other influencers
  • Build a loyal community