Introduction to CapCut: An Alternative Free Solution

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In the world of social media, CapCut is the up-and-coming golden child giving users easy access to make cinematic videos…with just a few taps. Developed by the makers of TikTok, CapCut is great when used to make or edit high-quality content on your phone with its free, all-in-one feature.


With CapCut, you can easily turn individual clips into a complete video with the available visual effects. Voted as one of the 20 Best Video Editing Apps of 2022, CapCut’s here to stay for the long haul with its library full of copyrighted songs, fancy templates, trending effects and smooth export transition to Social media.


What’s up, CapCut?

Constantly reviewed as one of the greatest editing apps with no frills and multiple options, here’s some key features we should know about.

  • Ease of use with multiple options
  • High-quality filters and exports
  • Top music hits and sound effects


Cons for thought.

  • Default CapCut watermark
  • Limited by your phone’s hardware and RAM
  • 15-minutes video limit
  • Limited to only one video and one audio track per video


The bottom line

All in all, CapCut is still a good video editing tool if you are just starting out and want a hassle-free experience.


How to install CapCut?

You can download CapCut for free on iOS or Android but there is no desktop version for now. To learn more, click here