It’s 2022- do I still need a website for my business?

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You have plans for an online business and even created new social media accounts to help run them- you’re all set to kick-start your new business, or are you?


In this day and age, a website may seem redundant for an online business but in reality, a website that belongs to you can do so much more for your business than just marketing. Here’s why:

  1. With Social media- you do not own your social media following. If your account was hacked- you will lose ownership to all that you have ‘owned’ on your social media, including your followings and contacts.
  2. You need a home base for your content- a place for all your contents to store in, including your marketing leads.
  3. Business credibility..
  4. It make you more searchable on the internet.
  5. It’s where you can show off your skills, expertise and products.
  6. You’ll need the analytics for info-gathering and lead generations.
  7. It can be another revenue source- think Ads.


There’s so much more..! To know more, visit here to find out!