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With special guest collaborator: FRANK HSU

Following trends of streetwear and techwear, our ROG apparel is ready to go. The accessories released this year, including bags, jackets, and even socks, are leveling up the brand’s image. Last month we invited Taipei based photographer Frank Hsu for an impromptu photoshoot.

In the ROG brand, we’ve continued to expand the number of lifestyle products. The cyberpunk visual language of ROG translates easily into clothing and other accessories. Playing to that advantage, we’ve designed our new wearables to be much more than just “merch.”

With the increasing amount of diverse information channels, good brand image photos are the first medium to reach the public, and product photos are the first-line contact with the public. To show our products in the best light, we consulted professional fashion photographer Frank Hsu.

Frank’s first suggestion was to define a location and setting that was inline with our brand’s style. The search led to a recently built industrial site.

Photography is an excellent medium for the expression of brand attitudes.

We recruited 3D and motion designer Denis to help out with the photoshoot. The industrial location had some great elements like corrugated metal, stamped concrete, and diagonal patterns, a perfect match for the trendy youngster.

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