The Solution for Shooting videos for Social Media Platforms

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Shooting for social media used to be quite simple. We just take our camera, set it to shoot in 16:9  aspect ratio, 4K resolution and we can post edit it.


The popularity of TikTok just makes shooting for social media a bit complicated. Most of us would just focus on one way – to shoot vertically or horizontally – based on where most of our audiences are. But there is a better way as shared by Chris Hau.


If your camera is able to shoot in anamorphic aspect ratio of 4:3, cropping into YouTube 16:9, TikTok 9:16, Instagram 4:5 or even 1:1 is now made easier without losing too much resolution.


This is really a good tip. Besides if you have an anamorphic lens, you can shoot it in 2.35:1 cinematic style too!