Videography Will Be the End for Event Photography?

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Michael Marrah of PetaPixel suggests that the arrival of high resolution video cameras will spell the end of photographers for both wedding and even photography.


The reasons he states are very simple. 8K resolution is high enough for content creators to extract out a single stills from video clips. After all, video clips are created by putting stills, or frames, together to create motion picture.


While it is true that 8K now is not the de-facto standard that videographers use no thanks to over-heating issues and the prohibitive prices of cameras such as the Canon R5, Sony Alpha 1 and Nikon Z9. If we are to follow history, more capable equipment will become affordable in the years to come.


Photojournalists such as Tom Palmaers is now using a video camera for his work and is extracting stills from the footage that is being used in newspapers while retaining the video footage.



The conversations surrounding the use of video clips to extract stills will be more common in the coming years when very capable cameras are more affordable to more professionals and users.


You can read about it here.