YouTube Announces Creators for Impact Programme

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YouTube is introducing ‘Creators for Impact’ programme that aims to share tips and learnings to tackle issues of misinformation and mental health on our local content creators channels. With this, YouTube hopes to remain helpful in the creator ecosystem by being a tool that can help define and shape public discussion on important issues prevalent in today’s society.


Fourteen creators such as TheSmartLocal, UNFiltered and Our Grandfather Story, have been shortlisted based on their channel’s credibility, social impact and potential to conduct in-person and virtual workshops across five months from July to November 2022.

Participants can look forward to roundtable discussions with experts, key opinion leaders, and their fellow creators as they work towards using their platform to encourage positive influence on their audience.

Here is a summary of the programme coming online in the next few months

  • July 28: Workshop on Misinformation
  • Aug 25: Workshop on Mental Health
  • Sep 29: Workshop on Content Creation
  • Oct 20: Key Opinion Leaders – Creators Roundtable

For more information you can visit Google here.