Celebrate Family with Portraiture

The year of the Rabbit is here, and this is the perfect time to capture family portraits with your friends and loved ones.   Shooting group shots is not that hard, but shooting with a bit of quality takes a bit of effort.   Here are few useful tips when shooting family and friends group… Continue reading Celebrate Family with Portraiture

Editing Your Holiday Images

Sadly, the holiday season is ending but the memories captured with your camera is everlasting. Here’s how to quickly edit your photos for your holiday album.       #1: Landscape    Landscape generally covers all types of images but primarily is about the physical location of the visit. Step 1: Correct the horizon using… Continue reading Editing Your Holiday Images

How to Shoot Memorable Christmas Portraits

The yuletide season is upon us and the pretty lights give us great backgrounds to do beautiful portraits for our friends and families.   Tip 1: Find The (Front) Light   Completing an excellent portrait requires quite a few things – ample light for the primary subject and attractive lights at the back.   Having… Continue reading How to Shoot Memorable Christmas Portraits

Using Procreate to make a Digital Portrait Illustration – iPad edition

  In this episode, we’ll delve into the world of Digital Portrait Illustration. If you normally use the iPad to illustrate portrait like Kendra from Strictly Kendra, this video is for you!   Kendra mentions how Procreate colour matches your uploaded photo with the illustration you want to do and that’s really cool!

Simple Editing Tips For Food Photography

Taking your food shots is just the first step when showing off the fantastic food you have eaten daily or on your trips abroad.   Using your smartphone or desktop app, such as Lightroom and Snapseed for desktop, you can bring out the best of your food photography with a few simple editing steps.   … Continue reading Simple Editing Tips For Food Photography

Top Tips For Food Photography

One of the greatest joys of travel is eating the local food. From the fresh produce of New Zealand, the creamy milk of Hokkaido, Japan, complex tasting local food of Hue, Vietnam, to juicy beef burgers in New York, food completes the experience of a country.   The tips here are from my experiences as… Continue reading Top Tips For Food Photography

Simple Portraiture Editing

Shooting portraits with either your smartphone or your camera is fun, but the next step is to edit the photos before sharing them or archived in your image library.   This quick tip tutorial will look at desktop tools such as Lightroom, Photoshop and smartphone apps that you can edit while on the go.  … Continue reading Simple Portraiture Editing

Easy Tips To Shooting Portraitures

One pleasure of photography is taking photos of your loved ones, capturing life’s milestones and significant moments with your camera or smartphone.  Here are some tips to get the shots you will be proud to show off.     Light, or The Lack Of Too often, we take for granted that when we see the… Continue reading Easy Tips To Shooting Portraitures

Travel Images To Capture

The travel bug is coming back strong after a 2-year long hiatus. More countries are opening up, including Japan, and there are beautiful images to capture for remembrance. But what are the main subjects to take?       The Journey There It is not the destination, but the journey that counts and going there… Continue reading Travel Images To Capture

Travel Imaging Essentials

The year-end travel bug will bite soon, and the next couple of months will have ample opportunities to capture memories for yourself and your loved ones. What are the things to bring to shoot if you do not want to bring along your camera?       The Smartphone We now have one of the… Continue reading Travel Imaging Essentials