Capturing Flowers In The Night Sky

The fireworks season for Singaporeans is here. I will share the gear and settings needed to get you started in this article. The Gear (DSLRs and Mirrorless) A good tripod that is at least chest height without the extension of the centre column to make it comfortable yet stable A wired shutter release. A firework… Continue reading Capturing Flowers In The Night Sky

Capturing Voice Properly

In this episode of music production, we will look into the best practices when capturing audio and vocals for your music tracks.

Shoot Better Images at iLight 2022

With the easing of COVID restrictions, we are now seeing the resurgence of public space activities and the first major one is the Singapore iLight 2022. Started way back in 2010, the festival showcases light art installations by Singaporean and international artists. This year’s instalment will last until 26 June.   If you are an… Continue reading Shoot Better Images at iLight 2022

Recording Musical Instruments with Blue Yeti

Want to record your musical instrument using Logitech Blue Yeti Mic? Then you come to the right place. Follow Yvette Young as she gives you some tips on how to record sound with the Blue Yeti. Tip 1: Make sure you are all tuned up Tip 2: The recording environment should be quiet Tip 3:… Continue reading Recording Musical Instruments with Blue Yeti

Create A Master Recording

No we are not talking about singing a song well but to put all the tracks, vocals and transitions together to become a master recording.

Calibrate Colour and Edit Digital Scans of Artwork

In this episode, Teoh teaches you how to apply basic edits to your scanned copy of your art after you have scanned it into your laptop. Check out how he uses the Asus Zenbook Zenbook Pro Duo 15 OLED to edit his art work using various apps.  

How to Set Up A Music Session

  Let’s go through the various settings, parts and components needed to be done first before starting you session to create your new song.  

Learning How to Draw using the Tablet

  Teoh shows us how to get started on drawing using the Vivobook Slate OLED and the stylus. We will look into how to use the Concepts App on the tablet, the various tools in the app and start creating! Using Concepts App Understand and using Layers Brush type and size Using the stylus Colouring… Continue reading Learning How to Draw using the Tablet

Edit and Mixing Music Using Studio One

Join us as we look at how we edit and mix music using the Studio One app.   We will look at how and why we use the Gain pluggin, Equaliser and Compressor. There are also examples on how to do basic balancing between different components.  

What is Urban Sketching?

  Let’s join Teoh, an artist, graphic designer and urban sketcher, as he introduces how to start with urban sketching in picturesque Singapore.   Urban sketching has gained popularity worldwide, where artists gather to sketch and draw on location.   He will touch on his tools, including the ASUS Vivobook with a stylus and his… Continue reading What is Urban Sketching?