Travel Images To Capture

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The travel bug is coming back strong after a 2-year long hiatus. More countries are opening up, including Japan, and there are beautiful images to capture for remembrance. But what are the main subjects to take?




The Journey There

It is not the destination, but the journey that counts and going there is half the fun! Take your mode of transportation, the expressway you are on, the road signs towards your destination, and the rest stops along the way.

These are key moments of your journey!




The Accommodation

The highlight is the places you stay, whether a well-appointed Hotel Resort or a beautiful AirBnB wooden cottage in the middle of the serene forest. These are worthwhile moments to keep.






The Places

The main reason we travel is the places we want to visit, especially with beautiful landscapes, valleys, mountains, cliffs, seas and lakes. Do remember to capture your friends and family enjoying the scenery.






Don’t Forget the Night

Night time gives us the best opportunity to capture the essence of the place, even during Sunset and Sunrise. For the adventurous, point towards the skies and capture the stars. You need some help stabilising the camera, so a tripod and a small LED video panel light will help for night portraiture.





The Eateries and The Food

Another experience we love is the food that we eat. Take photos of the restaurant, the menu and the food. Added bonus when the restaurant or cafe is located beside a gorgeous view of the sea or the city’s bustling street.





The People

Interacting with the locals is always a highlight if you can chat up a conversation. Go to busy corners of the cities and towns; the markets are the best places to buy souvenirs and meet new people.

Even though you are not a drinker, go to the local bars to check out the atmosphere, especially in beer and wine countries such as Germany and France. Or dine-in food tents set up by local street food hawkers for that extra memorable experience.




The Culture

I have always loved to be in the midst of the local people when they celebrate certain days in the year. Usually, the locals will dress to the nines or suit up in colourful clothes for performances or ceremonial duties.



The Play

Bringing the kids gives you extra things to shoot at the local playgrounds and theme parks. Let them enjoy their childhood and capture them when they are happiest. This will make for great photos to keep.