Travel Imaging Essentials

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The year-end travel bug will bite soon, and the next couple of months will have ample opportunities to capture memories for yourself and your loved ones. What are the things to bring to shoot if you do not want to bring along your camera?


The Asus Zenfone 9



The Smartphone

We now have one of the most potent imaging tools in our pocket – the smartphone. Not only can it shoot photos but high resolution 4K videos too!

The smartphone now has a lot of imaging modes for you to choose from and will cover most of the important subjects for any trip.


The Asus ZenGimbal


The Gimbal

With videos being more popular on social media platforms, shooting videos with smartphones is not a comfortable experience. This is where having a gimbal will help.


Not only can the Gimbal provide additional stabilisation it can also create wide panorama shots or special video effects for your video clips.



DJI Mini 3 Pro



The Drone

The drone will cover other perspectives of the places you visit by flying a camera into the air. Drones such as the high-performance DJI Mini 3 Pro is so light you do not need to register the drones for most countries.


Check out which countries do not allow drones; otherwise, it will be an expensive experience.



Travel tripod with phone clamp


The Tripod

Even though the smartphone has a night mode, and there is no reason to bring a tripod, packing one in your bag has a lot of advantages. One of them is to do selfies and wefies using the smartphone’s primary camera, which is much better than the front-facing camera just above your screen.


Besides that, a good tripod allows special visual effects such as waterfall and light trails of vehicles plying the busy roads and waterways. Use the light trail shooting mode on your phone.


Video LED Lamp Panel with Power Bank Feature



The LED Panel

There will be times when there is not enough light for your portraits or food, and the LED video light panel provides additional light to help capture the image you want.


A light panel is also better than the flashlight on your smartphone and provides better lighting in an emergency.


The Power Bank

With all the gadgets you bring, a power bank ensures your phone is charged and ready to be used, especially during an emergency. Some LED light panels can also double up as a power bank, so check those out.


External SSD drive.



The External Drive

If you are on an extended trip, bringing the latest creator-centric ASUS laptop helps you back up another copy of your precious photos and videos off your phone or camera into another external device, such as a rugged SSD storage device.


Or you could also use your phone to transfer the files to an external SSD storage device through a USB Type-C dongle.



Cloud Storage Solutions

Another way to back up your photos and videos is to subscribe to a cloud service and upload the files whenever you are back at your hotel with their Wi-Fi services.


If you are using iPhone, iCloud is the obvious solution. Android phone users can use a myriad of cloud storage providers other than Google Drive.


Android users can use Google Photos App to automatically back up their image files and share the folders with others as an image gallery too.